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Serpentine Swim

The Senior division will swim first.  

Immediantly following the Seniors, both the Inter's and Juniors will begin the swim portion of their race.  


Inter's will swim "serpentine style."  No more wave assignments!  Swimmers will begin the race about every 20 seconds apart. 


Juniors will swim in waves in the 3ft depth. 

Larger Transition Areas

We have nearly doubled the size of our transition area for this year!   


The Juniors, Inter's, and Seniors area will be clearly marked with color coded flags.  


Age Divisions Color Coded

Each athlete will wear a colored wristband that corresponds to their age division.  Athletes will be able to find that color in transition and in the swim area so they know where to park their bike and where to line up for their wave.  

BIG Finish!

The finish line will be even bigger this year!  


There is a new FANTASTIC finish in the works. 

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